Friends Giving: Manoa Chocolate

NOVEMBER 1, 2020 – NOVEMBER 25, 2020

Manoa Chocolate

Mānoa Chocolate Hawaii is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory. Since 2010, they’ve been making quality, dark chocolate in Kailua, Oahu. Bean-to-bar means turning ethically sourced cacao from its seed form into a chocolate bar – all in one place. Mānoa Chocolate’s mission is to grow a Hawaiian cacao industry and assist the development of craft chocolate globally, all while making the best chocolate possible.

Manoa Chocolate products
passion fruit candy bar

This Season:

  • New Pumpkin Pie Crunch White Chocolate (limited release)
  • New Hawaii Chocolate Gift Box celebrating 10 years in business

Phone: 808.263.6292 or 808.753.1089