Friends Giving: Maui Fruit Jewels

Friends 🍫🍻 Giving🎁: Maui Fruit Jewels

We are a small value-added food manufacturer on Maui, we buy fresh fruit directly from Hawaii growers, to produce premium, authentic value-added products using island-grown fruit as the primary ingredient, without preservatives, artificial coloring and flavoring. The four products we manufacture are: Exotic Fruit Jellies, Shortbread with Hawaii Fruits, Hawaii Fruit Paste, and Hawaii Fruit Purée. These products are the next best thing to sharing the actual fresh fruits from Hawaii, and are renowned for their unmistakable authentic flavors. Together with local growers, Maui Fruit Jewels shares with the world the essence of the Hawaii paradise in small ono morsels.

fruit jellies and shortbread cookies
Hawaii fruit paste and Hawaii fruit puree

This Season:

  • Our Shortbread with Hawaii Fruits and Exotic Fruit Jellies with a ribbon with a Mele Kalikimaka tag and space to write from/to.
  • Custom print logo or text on the wrappers of our Exotic Fruit Jellies and Shortbread. A nice way for corporations to give a personal touch to their Holiday gifting.

Phone: 808 419 8678

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