2020 - 2021 Board of Directors

These proven leaders reflect the core values of AMA Hawai’i and are instrumental in shaping the future of the chapter.

Annette Lee headshot

Annette Lee


Taryn Bohan headshot

Taryn Bohan


Chelsea Tsuchida headshot

Chelsea Tsuchida

Immediate Past President

Megan Tabata headshot

Megan Tabata


Gordon Tom headshot

Gordon Tom


Ryan Inouye headshot

Ryan Inouye


Jared Domingo headshot

Jared Domingo

Communications, VP

Jennifer Eggers headshot

Jennifer Eggers

Conference, Director

Staci Wan headshot

Staci Wan

Conference, Director

Kylee Takata headshot

Kylee Takata

Collegiate Relations, VP

Jonathan Zane headshot

Jonathan Zane

Creative Design, VP

Scott Imamura headshot

Scott Imamura

Membership, Director

Therese Howe headshot

Therese Howe

Programming, Director

Rachel Blaire headshot

Rachel Blair

Programming, Director

Michael Lum headshot

Michael Lum

Social Media, Director

Vivian Fung headshot

Vivian Fung

Sponsorship, VP

Anna Fong headshot

Anna Fong

Web Operations, VP