Marketer of the Year Awards

Entries are now being accepted for the Hawaii Marketer of the Year Awards through January 31, 2018.

Winners will be recognized at the AMA Hawaii Annual Marketer of the Year awards luncheon on Thursday, April 5, 2018 at the Prince Waikiki hotel.

For which category or award are you submitting a nomination? *

If you would like to nominate an entry for multiple categories, please complete another entry form. Entry fees apply to each individual entry.


If your entry becomes a winner, what name would you like to be engraved on the award or certificate?

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Program / Campaign Description

Please note all questions in this section will be judged according to these criteria: Goals and Objectives (20 points), Strategy (25 points), Tactics (25 points), and Results (30 points)

Please describe the main goal of the marketing campaign / project.

What was your strategy for achieving the objectives?

What were the individual tactics involved in carrying out your strategy?

What were the results toward achieving the objectives? Please provide quantifiable results.

Additional Supporting Materials

If you wish to submit additional supporting materials or creative samples for consideration in judging, please email them to with the entry name in the email subject line no later than Tuesday, January 31, 2017. Materials or items submitted after the deadline will not be considered in judging.

All materials submitted will become the property of AMA Hawaii.